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    Sujets à vif - Programme B

  • Corvidae

  • 8, 9, 10, 12, 13, 14 July
    • Jardin de la Vierge du lycée Saint-Joseph
    • Running time 1h20


  • After training as an actress at the ENSATT, Sophie Cattani appeared in many movies (Charlie SaysI'm Glad My Mother is AliveTomboyPolisseChercher le garçon). On the stage, she began her career with Michel Raskine and Laurent Pelly, and has worked with Richard Brunel, Galin Stoev, Denis Marleau, and Olivier Maurin, among others. Since 2004, she has co-directed and performed in the shows of the collective ildi ! eldi, which she founded with Antoine Oppenheim (Vice-versa, Shakespeare is dead get over it, Antoine et Sophie font leur cinéma, Les guêpes de l'été nous piquent encore en novembre).

    Portrait © Julien Oppenheim