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  • Theatre - Young audience
  • Where Are the Ogres?

  • 6, 7, 8, 9, 11 July
    • Chapelle des Pénitents blancs
    • Running time 1h10


  • Pierre-Yves Chapalain is a writer and director with the company Le temps qu'il faut, founded in 2008. He directs his own texts, such as La Fiancée de Barbe-Bleue (Bluebeard's Fiancée), La Brume du soir (The Mist of the Night), La Lettre (The Letter), Absinthe, or Outrages (L'Ornière du reflux). Artist associated with the Centre dramatique national in Besançon, then with the Scènes du Jura, Pierre-Yves Chapalain, working with or without puppets, strives to give a contemporary setting to traits that have always characterised humans, thus blurring the border between what's real and what's imaginary. Using the tools of the theatre, he creates meaning through sensation, images through words. Where Are the Ogres? is a play that will in the fall give birth to a smaller piece aimed at children age 5 and up, Le Secret (The Secret), conceived as a mirror image to be performed in smaller venues (like classrooms), halfway between ventriloquism and object theatre. For Pierre-Yves Chapalain believes that children “can benefit from meeting someone who's going through the same things they are. To realise that you are unique but also share common traits with others can help you find your place in the world.” Pierre-Yves Chapalain is also an actor and a faithful collaborator of directors such as Pierre Meunier, Joël Pommerat, or Bérangère Vantusso (with whom he co-signed the adaptation and interpretation of Robert Walser's Institute Benjamenta for the Festival d'Avignon last year).


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