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How to book


>> starting on monday 11 June 2018 at 10 a.m. 

- Payment by credit card.

BY PHONE +33(0)4 90 14 14 14

>> starting on monday 11 June 2018 at 10 a.m.
>> from 11 June to 5 July, Monday to Friday from 10a.m. to 5p.m.
>> Starting from 6 July, every day from 10a.m. to 7p.m.

- Payment by credit card: immediate confirmation of the order or Paybox link.
- By cheque (bank cheque or post office cheque for France, traveler's cheque, Chèque Vacances) until 30 June 2018:
     - We must receive the cheque at most 5 days after your call (after which date your order will be cancelled)
     - Your order will be confirmed when we receive it
     - Order: Festival d'Avignon. Write your order number on the back of the cheque
     - Send to: Festival d'Avignon - Réservations - 20, rue du Portail Boquier 84000 Avignon.


CLOÎTRE SAINT-LOUIS - 20 rue du Portail Boquier

>> on Saturday 09 june 2018 from 1 to 6 p.m.
>> From 11 June to 5 July, Monday to Friday from 10a.m. to 5p.m. / Starting from 6 July, every day from 10a.m. to 7p.m.

THE FESTIVAL'S STORE - Place de l'Horloge

>> Starting from 6 July, every day from 10a.m. to 7p.m.

- No booking fee. Cash, credit cards, and cheques accepted.



SATURDAY 09 JUNE 2018 FROM 1 TO 6PM at the Fnac Avignon centre and Le Pontet (members only)

MONDAY 11 JUNE 2017 STARTING AT 10AM for Fnac France, Switzerland, and Belgium

Tickets must be collected in a Fnac at normal opening hours. Warning: Fnacs are closed on Sundays and holidays.


>> starting on Monday 11 June 2018 at 10 a.m. (Fnac France, Switzerland, and Belgium)

Discount available only to Fnac members. Payment by credit card.



Your tickets


From “My account” (your personal space on the Festival's website), you can:
- download your e-tickets
- print your e-tickets


You can pick up your tickets at the box office of the Cloître Saint-Louis during opening hours upon presentation of an ID card corresponding to the name you used when booking your tickets.


- at the box office of the Cloître Saint-Louis during opening hours, up to 3 hours before the first show you booked
- at the box office of the venue of the first show you booked, 45 minutes before the performance

Tickets aren't sent via mail as there is no way to guarantee they will be received in time.


Doors open 30 minutes before the beginning of each show, except in case of artistic or technical constraints.

Sitting room is no longer guaranteed 5 minutes before the beginning of each performance.

In accordance with the plan Vigipirate, you will be required to arrive at the venue 30 minutes at most before the show, and to open your bags for inspection.

Luggage and large bags will not be allowed inside the venues.

Certificates for special and reduced rates and 4/40 passes can be checked at the entrance. Failure to present them will result in your being asked to pay the ticket's full rate.

This year, twelve venues offer numbered seats:
- Cour d'honneur du Palais des papes,
- La FabricA,
- Cloître des Carmes
- Cour du lycée Saint-Joseph,
- Cloître des Célestins,
- Théâtre Benoît-XII,
- Opéra Confluence
- La Scierie
- L'Autre Scène du Grand Avignon - Vedène,
- Gymnase du lycée Aubanel,
- Gymnase du lycée Mistral,
- Gymnase du lycée Saint-Joseph,

All other venues are general admission.


download the general terms and conditions (in french) – pdf

Sales conditions / extracts

- shows begin on time. Latecomers will not be granted access to the venue and will not be reimbursed.
- every spectator, including children, must have a valid ticket to enter a venue.
- reselling tickets at a price higher than printed is strictly forbidden by the code pénal (law of 27 June 1919)

Absence of opting-out right
According to article L. 121-21-8 of the Code de la consommation, there is no opting-out right attached to tickets for shows.

Reimbursement and exchange policy
Tickets cannot be exchanged or refunded (except in case of cancellation or postponement, see below), even in the case of unused tickets.

Cancellation or postponement of an event
- If a show has to be interrupted after its first half, tickets will not be refunded.
- If a show is cancelled or postponed, tickets will only be exchanged or refunded to the original buyer.
- Reimbursement applications will only be accepted until 30 August 2018 at the latest. Beyond that date, no ticket will be refunded.
- No other additional cost (transportation, lodging, etc.) will be refunded or compensated.