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  • Lisbeth Gruwez starting learning ballet when she was 6, before studying contemporary dance at the PARTS school. In 1999, she started working with Jan Fabre within the company Troubleyn, where she met musician and composer Maarten Van Cauwenberghe. Together, they founded the company Voetvolk, with which they presented their first creation, Forever Overhead, in 2007, before beginning a research mixing dance and music composition, with an aesthetics inspired by street style. Anarchy and control are the keywords of their research. Voetvolk has so far produced seven shows, from solos to collective plays, including Birth of Prey (2008), HeroNeroZero (2010), or L'Origine (The Origin, 2011) and It's going to get worse and worse and worse, my friend, which is still touring. In 2014, they created the collective piece AH/HA, which was followed by the solo Lisbeth Gruwez dances Bob Dylan (2015). “Dance as a simple method is no longer enough for creation. Contemporary dance cannot be separated from performance, in the largest sense of the word. We think that in order to reach what has to be said, every single aspect of our physical practice has to be considered.” Lisbeth Gruwez and Maarten Van Cauwenberghe are artists-in-residence at Jan Fabre's Troubleyn/Laboratorium, in Antwerp.

    Portrait © Klaartje Lambrechts