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  • Theatre
  • Mahmoud & Nini

  • 14, 15, 17, 20, 21, 22 July
    • Maison Jean Vilar
    • Running time 1h


  • A chemical engineer by training, Henri Jules Julien does theatre, writes for the radio (France Culture), is a translator and a producer—depending on where he is needed. He's lived for years in the Arab worlds, whose great poets (Rasha Omran, Carol Sansour, Malaka Badr...) he translates, all while producing in Europe artists from Egypt (Ahmed El Attar, Hassan El Geretly...), Morocco (Youness Atbane, Khalid Benghrib...), Syria, or Lebanon. Mahmoud & Nini is his third show, based on an idea born in Cairo. He currently resides in Casablanca.

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