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  • Musical tale - Young audience
  • Young Yacou

  • 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 July
    • Collège Vernet
    • Running time 50min


  • Born in Ivory Coast, Yacouba Konaté had to flee his country and experienced cruelty, camps, and slavery... After years in exile, he arrived in France, and he says that it is in singing that he found the strength to always get back up and keep going. Here, he performed the music for Djibril Diallo and Sophie Bachelier's film Choucha (in which he also appears), and was welcome by the Agency of artists in exile (a unique French structure which supports exiled artists and provides them with a place where they can work). This protective space gave him the opportunity to write and sing about his journey and to perform live. In 2017, he founded the band Wary, alongside others like Wally Saho.

    Portrait © Ateliers des artistes en exil