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Presentation of the Festival d’Avignon for the introduction of the Patch © Festival d'Avignon

Nuit des idées at the Maison Jean Vilar, with Avignon Université, January 2018 © Festival d'Avignon

Presentation of the programme at Avignon Université, May 2018 © mirabelwhite

Presentation of the programme at Avignon Université, May 2018 © mirabelwhite

Presentation of the programme at Avignon Université, May 2018 © mirabelwhite

Presentation of the programme at Avignon Université, May 2018 © mirabelwhite

Presentation of the equipment to students of the Rennes 2 university, 2018 © Festival d'Avignon

Meeting between the students of the Rennes 2 university and Thomas Jolly, 2018 © Festival d'Avignon

Higher education day, 2018 © Festival d'Avignon

Live recording with Radiocampus during the Micro-Folie, 2017 © Festival d'Avignon


Avignon Université

  • Avignon Université and the Festival d’Avignon work in close collaboration, both through the creation of content with research and training labs and in their wish to have their public experience both institutions to enrich their exchanges.

    This goal is expressed through many projects developed together:

    - study on the practices of the public of the Festival d’Avignon, conducted by the Culture and Communication team of the Centre Nortbert Elias, UMR (8562),

    - organisation of key events such as the Workshops of thought on the Louis Pasteur campus, the Lessons of the University, or the presentation of the programme by Olivier Py on the Hannah Arendt campus,

    - close collaboration with the Maison de la Culture et de la Vie de Campus, particularly with the sale of 120 tickets for the Patch Culture, with interventions in the UEO, EAC, and the Théâtre européen, with the organisation of exception events during operations like the days of art and culture in higher education, etc.

  • - organisation of training sessions connected to the theatre through meetings, interventions, visits, and specific shows, particularly with the Master’s Theater and Heritage,

    - collaboration with student associations like Radio Campus or Tube à Idées,

    - participation to events organised as part of specific training sessions such as the Nuit des idées, organised by the Master’s Strategy and Cultural Development, or student projects such as the creation of a multiscreen film for the campus des métiers,

    - tutoring on a project as part of the vocational degree in Tourism and Social Economy about the creation of a number of guidelines to evaluate the feasibility of temporary housing during the Festival d’Avignon.

Ecoles des nouvelles images - Avignon

  • As part of its educational project, the École des Nouvelles Images works with partners from various sectors to allow its students to create films about diverse subjects. A way for them to broaden their knowledge base and to prepare them to take on commissioned work.

    In 2018, the Festival d’Avignon was the subject of a 3D animation project by 2nd-year students.

    6 pedagogical films of 90 seconds each were created by teams of 3 or 4 students on the jobs and locations of the Festival d’Avignon. To create each film, the students met professionals with ties to their themes:

    Emanuel Gat choreographer, Zoé Lecorgne, performer, Thomas Bradly, costume designer, Thomas Jolly, director, Olivier Py, director of the Festival d’Avignon, Philippe Varoutsikos, technical manager of the Festival d’Avignon, Alexis Benoit, equipment general director of the Festival d’Avignon, Roxane Jovani, attaché to the public relations service of the Festival d’Avignon, Emilie Lecellier, project assistant for the youth and printed guides services of the Festival d’Avignon.

  • Those films supplement the database of the Festival d’Avignon and are yet another tool in its pedagogical toolbox, in particular for its projects aimed at younger audiences.


  • Throughout the year, the Festival d’Avignon welcomes groups of students, future culture professionals in training, or students from other sectors such as tourism, from all over France.

    Those privileged moments—outside of the busy time of the Festival—are an opportunity for them to meet the Festival’s permanent staff, according to what they’re studying (production, communication, technical aspects, etc.).

    Depending on the activity of the Festival at the time of the study trip, the students might also be able to visit one of the Festival’s locations as it is being set up or to meet artistic teams in residence at the FabricA.

    In 2017-2018, the Festival d’Avignon welcomed:

    - the 2nd-year students from the administration department of the Ensatt,

    - the students of the “Experience of the performing arts in the digital age” Master’s from the Rennes 2 university.

  • Partnership with the Centre national des œuvres universitaires et scolaires (Cnous)

    Since their creation, the Crous have played an important part in the cultural and artistic practice of students. The annual student creation contest, supported by the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of Culture, was created to highlight artistic creation by students.

    Each year, the winners of the national theatre competition perform their play at Avignon University during the month of July. In 2019, the collective also benefits from a privileged career at the Festival d'Avignon (representation, professional meetings, etc.).

    For more information: helene.lopes@festival-avignon.com