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The Festival d'Avignon employs about 30 people year-round, and about 750 to 800 people in July, including more than 360 state-subsidised part-time technicians. In order to bring you this edition, over 1,750 people, artists, technicians, and organisational staff, have worked tireless and enthusiastically for months.

Olivier Py, Director
Paul Rondin, Executive Director
Véronique Matignon, Executive assistant

Damien Godet
, Director of Administration
Véronique Gilles, Chief Accountant
Samy Doubach, Accountant - Payroll Administrator 
Anouk Landy, Administrative Manager
Bernard Valette, IT manager
Marie Mariani, Administrative Assistant
Samia Guillaume, Administrative Assistant
Antoinette Agbossou, Cleaning Technician

ticket office

Mélanie Corneille, ticketing office general coordinator 


Virginie de Crozé, Director of Communication and Public Relations
Pascale Bessadi, Deputy to the Director of Communication and Public Relations
Camille Gillet, Print and Digital Media Manager
Camille Court, Public Relations 
Hélène Lopes, Public Relations
Roxane Jovani, Public relations
Anne-Marie Goulay, Seconded Teacher for Educational Activities

Cécile Asmar, Fundraising and Partnership Manager

Julie Bordez, Director of Production
Djamila Boutin,
Logistics Manager
Clara Moulin-Tyrode
, Production Manager
Emmanuelle Poyard, Production and Booking Officer
Laïla Zairate, Cleaning technician and Reception agent at the FabricA

Agnès Troly
, Director of Artistic Programme
Canelle Breymayer, Programming Assistant

Philippe Varoutsikos
, Technical Director
Marion Costenoble, Technical administrative Manager
Alexis Benoit, Stage Manager
Jacques Lomont, Stage Manager
Christophe Mallein, Stage Manager
Daniel Pires, Stage Manager
Noui Meliouh, La FabricA Caretaker